Scott Closures are offer full decoration services to personalise your caps. We can provide metallizing, spraying and print services through our own in-house operations.
Metalising adds a mirror finish to your closure. The process is ‘Thermal Vacuum Metallization’. First, a base lacquer coating is sprayed onto the components which then undergo a stoving process. The parts are then placed inside a Vacuum Chamber. Once under vacuum, a charge is passed through tungsten filaments containing pure aluminium. The aluminium vaporises through vacuum and charge and coats the rotating work in a ‘chrome-like’ finish.
Finally, a protective coating of top lacquer is sprayed on creating a seal and finish. The lacquer may be coloured to providing a range of metallic finishes such as bright gold or silver.

Print/Finishing Work

  • Full-screen printing service with multiple passes as customer requires
  • Standard, ceramic and organic inks available
  • Other printing services available including foiling, transfer, emboss effect and banding


Single or multiple colour spraying with organic or water-based paint is also available to enhance and personalise your closures.